Exploring Eatfitters: Quick and Easy Healthy Meals

Eatfitters provided me a days worth of meals to write this post. I was not compensated for my time, and my opinions are completely my own. 

I'm used to the 5 meals a day concept. You see, I'm a snacker. I love just a little bit of a snack mid morning, mid afternoon, right as I get home, and after dinner. I try and minimize all of these snacks, but for me, the 5 meal a day concept works well. So when Eatfitters approached me about trying a day's worth of their food (3 meals and 2 snacks), I was pretty excited.

Houston has a fair amount of microwavable healthy meal chains (at least more than I'm used to in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge areas), so I wasn't totally surprised that I hadn't heard of Eatfitters (which has 6 Houston locations). Their main goals are to provide food that is low in sodium, diverse, and flavorful. I'd say there was a great variety in the food, even if it might not be the most obvious in my day's worth of food. I think the jambalaya and pizzas looked like great lunch options. My typical go-to for a quick, healthy meal is Salata, which will cost me around $11, so most of these Eatfitters meals are actually cheaper than that! And super convenient!

Here's a breakdown of my food for the day--

Breakfast: Berry Pancakes- These pancakes were quite thick and had an 'oaty' smell and taste to them. I wasn't overwhelmed by the berries in the pancakes, there were just a few in each. These came with a packet of honey to drizzle on top, but the cakes were so thick and absorbed most of the honey that I had to add a little more to keep them from being too dry. These were actually a little too much food for me, and so I didn't end up eating the second half of the last pancake. Overall, I liked them, but I don't know if I'd get them again.

Snack 1: Chicken and Fruit- I was slightly skeptical about this snack, but was pleasantly surprised. The chicken wasn't too dry and it was nice to have a combination of sweet and savory as my morning snack, when I normally have some fruit. The chicken was a good addition to keeping me full.

Lunch: Ginger Cashew Chicken- This dish was very flavorful and had enough sauce to coat the rice and chicken, which was really nice. But I would have liked a lot more vegetables in the dish, and could even had traded off less rice for more veggies.

Snack 2: Hummus and Eggs- I chose this snack solely because my friend Kim raved about them, and she didn't steer me wrong! These protein-packed snacks were creamy and delicious. I could definitely see myself making these as part of my own meal prep!

I had an event right after work, and I tried to keep my food to a minimum, but I did end up having a glass of champagne and a hamburger slider.

Dinner: Skinny Chicken, Shrimp and Broccoli- This was a really simple meal, but still quite good. Basic seasonings and well cooked protein meant that is was incredibly easy after a long day. I wasn't especially hungry come dinner, but this didn't feel too overwhelming either.

My overall calories were quite low (right over 1,000 calories!) from my tracked food, but I was probably closer to 1,300 with my added afternoon event. For someone who does almost daily workouts (I had gone to spin class that morning), that low of a calorie number scared me a little. I definitely felt full, but I would be worried to do multiple days on that low of a calorie intact.

I also have quite the sweet tooth, so I would definitely utilize at least one sweeter snack option if I were to get a whole day again. I'm also a big meal planner, but I think this would be great if you didn't have time to incorporate that into your weeks. Overall, I really enjoyed the food, and would definitely stop back in at Eatfitters for a quick lunch or dinner option!


  1. I'm SO glad you liked the hummus & eggs! In all seriousness, I was a wee bit nervous you wouldn't like them since I had recommended them so strongly. And yes, those pancakes were SUPER filling. They definitely held me over for quite a while!

  2. Another vote on good food, but seriously lacking in calories. I'm a K-1 teacher, plus kick box class nightly, plus I bike a lot. I have to do a meal and two snacks at each meal or I am starving. But the hummus eggs are beyond wonderful!

    1. Glad you were able to figure out what works for you! Definitely something to be conscious of with the calories. I felt full for one day, but I'm not sure it would have worked for multiple days.

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