About Us

One of Lauren's favorite pics of the two of us! | Photo by Eau Claire Photographics
We're Lauren and Renee - sisters who grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and are now engineers in the oil and gas industry.  Outside of the office (and the field), we have a love of experimenting in the kitchen, shopping, reading, traveling, and healthy living.  We're using this blog as a way to stay close because Lauren lives in NOLA and Renee in Denver - and of course to share some recipes and products the world just needs to know about!

So, what's "Guaca-Scuse Me?" mean?  It's a play on the catchphrase from the movie "Pitch Perfect" that came up during a brainstorming session - and it stuck because it makes us laugh!  Does it perfectly encapsulate everything we're doing here? Nope, but we hope you enjoy it all the same!