Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Summer, everyone!  It's been an exciting month in our lives - a little travel, a lot of relocation and, of course, plenty of goodies to dish about!  

Fishing villages of Klima on the island of Milos, Greece

Athena's olive tree outside the Erechtheion on the Acropolis of Athens.

Food We've Been Loving:
Renee: I'm working from home now, and that means a lot more time to try out recipes! Which just gives me more inspiration for y'all, so win-win! 

  • Even though it makes the biggest yellow-y mess, I've been obsessed with this Indian roasted cauliflower! Sometimes we add tomatoes/chickpeas, but other times I make just the cauliflower for a great side! 
  • When it comes to lunch, my favorite kind is a big, hearty salad that will fuel me through the afternoon without getting sleepy! This one is great because you can prep it on Sunday, and the kale just gets better as the week goes on! If you need a meat, maybe some salmon or shrimp would be delicious!
Lauren: I'm working from the office with a rather full schedule with less and less time to go out to grab lunch - I've found meal planning every week to be an extremely helpful tool.  It keeps me on track with eating well and saves money.  
  • I have always leaned towards the sweet (and thus carby) items for breakfast...except when it comes to breakfast tacos!  I've found that starting my day with a meal with more protein and healthy fats helps keep my macros in balance a bit better for the whole day, so something that allows for a bit of salsa before 8 AM is the perfect fit.  This recipe by Well Plated loaded with white beans, cheese, scrambled eggs, and spinach freezes well and is perfect for busy mornings (or evenings!).  I also use these Tumaro's "Skip the Sandwich" wraps which are only 60 calories!  
Pardon the soggy napkin - swapping desks at work means my utensil/supply stash has been MIA!

Things We Can't Wait for:
I've recently moved, and am looking forward to soaking up all there is to experience here in the Denver area!! 

  • First things first are hiking adventures!! I'm excited to get to do some of the longer, less popular ones that I haven't experienced yet- maybe some waterfalls, lakes, canyons, and further out hikes! Any recommendations?
  • Girls trips! I have a girls weekend in Atlanta coming up in the next week and a half (eeek!) and my best friends coming in town in July for the Adele concert!! I'll definitely be needing some cute outfits for dinners/adventures. I'm loving the idea of crop tops with a big voluminous skirts (like this) or more of a maxi dress feel (like this one) 
  • Summer projects!  We're looking at making some renovations in the backyard and maybe our closets as well.  I've been doing a lot of decluttering this year (KonMari-inspired but not so hardcore), and now I feel like it's time to start the decorating and finishing off the organization so that we can actually enjoy it!  I'll be sure to show off some before and after pics of our hard work!

Random Favorites:

  • I've been looooovvvving my bullet journal lately! It's completely replaced my old calendar (something I would never thought would happen), and am exploring new pages to add all the time. I might even do a post where I show you my whole layout. It's not nearly as time consuming as I was expecting it to be! 
  • Between my book club in Houston, starting a book with my besties, driving across the country with Audible, and jumping into a book club as soon as I got to Denver, I've been reading up a storm! Some personal favorites right now are: this obvious one, this one that was great on Audible, and these two for becoming your best self. And this series has been a constant in my life for the past year(ish). This is the 4th book, so almost halfway done! 
  • My hair!  Somewhere around the beginning of the year, I went from my natural brownish hair color into the world of fantasy colors.  It started off a bit of a dusty pink ombre and is now a much lighter peachy pink.  My lightening and initial color applications have both been at the salon, but I've maintained and tweaked the color with the products from Overtone.  Anyone with a rainbow mane will tell you that the  downside is that it fades so fast.  These colorful conditioners help prevent that.  I probably would have given up on this hair color approximately 4.5 months ago if I hadn't heard about Overtone.  I never really though that this would be a look that I would go for, but bright locks are really having A.Moment. right now, so it's a great time to jump right in!  I'm feeling the urge to change it up again and might go a bit deeper with orchid/purple tones soon.  
Are you kidding, that food was so good I wasn't about to stop eating for a picture! / Katarina's in Mykonos, Greece.
Until next time - have a fantastic week!

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