Renee's Stitch Fix Order #1 Review

Since entering the working world about a year and a half ago, I’ve noticed that I’m shopping less. Or clothes shopping at least. My trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot have risen significantly, but trips to the outlets and mother-daughter/sister-sister/best friend shopping trips have dropped off. There’s just always so many things to do over the weekend! So that’s why I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for Stitch Fix.

For those of you that don’t know, Stitch Fix is a service that sets you up with a stylist who chooses 4 clothing items and 1 accessories piece for you and sends you new items as often as you’d like (I’ve chosen 3 month intervals).
But I have to say, I was a little worried what to expect when waiting on my first Stitch Fix order. As someone who uses shopping as cathartic relief, cardio, and bonding opportunities, I didn’t know how I’d feel having someone else choose my clothes for me. I will say I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t end up keeping a lot of the pieces (as you’ll see below), but it was interesting to see how someone else would style me, and they were pretty close to how I style myself! I also really enjoyed being able to try on the pieces with different items that I would potentially wear them with. Don’t you just hate when an outfit works soooo well in your head, but is terrible in execution??

I was so giddy when I finally got my order!!

Just Black- Adorra Skinny Jean ($88)- Returned

These jeans were just a little too tight and fairly low rise, but I would have really liked them if they fit a little better. They were a good quality material for a very fair price. However, I already have a pair of black jeans that I really like (The Limited, 917 Jeans).

Fun2Fun- Rosco Leopard Print Blouse ($38)- Kept

I’m such a sucker for leopard print (when done correctly, I must add), and I also love simple sheath tops, so I was pretty excited when I saw this shirt. I love being able to wear a shirt to work, on the weekends, or dress it up and go out in. I’ll definitely end up pairing this with jeans, a skirt for work, or colored bottoms as a “neutral.” Win all around! Here I paired it with the skinny jeans I already have and fun colored thin belt.

Daniel Rainn- Minal Sleveless V-Neck Blouse ($64)- Returned

This shirt didn’t do very much for me. Yes, it looked okay tucked into the skirt (see below), but it wasn’t anything special. And I’m not the biggest fan of the longer, flowy tops. I also felt I could find something very similar for much less if I was looking for something like this.

Pixley- June Polka Dot Skirt ($58)-Returned

I love pencil skirts! They’re probably 70% of what I wear to work. However, this skirt was far too tight on the booty (and I am not a bootylicious person), and I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it in the office. Considering that’s mainly where I’d want to wear this, it got returned.

Gorjana- Corinna Delicate Bar Necklace ($60)- Returned      

Stitch Fix's jewelry pick

Necklace I already owned
This necklace was beautiful! I love simple jewelry (I’ll leave the large statement necklaces to Lauren), and this totally fit the bill. However, I already own a necklace almost exactly like it! Even I can’t justify keeping both of them.

Overall, I could see myself wearing each item, but it was just slight adjustments with fitting that I would alter. I definitely think all of these items fit what I put into my styling profile when first signing up for Stitch Fix. They also give you an option to send them a link to your Pinterest board, so I've been building up a good baseline there so the stylists can get a better understanding of my style. This definitely won't become my only source of new clothes (I need some shopping in my life!) but it will be good to mix up my closet and get me out of my comfort zone. 


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