Put it to the Test: The Makeup Eraser Review

So I bought a $20 washcloth.  Let's just get that out there.  Curiosity got the better of me, and I had to see if this Makeup Eraser thing was all it was cracked up to be.  The claims are that this little pink rag can remove all of your makeup with just warm water.  So I put it to the test!  

First, let's talk about my current makeup removal process; my go-to product for many years now has been these facial clothes from CVS.  The cloth is loaded up with soap and it lathers when wet.  They're highly effective (I never need to bring in another type of makeup remover), quick, and really convenient for travel.  Basically, I'm very satisfied with my little disposable cloths and I was pretty skeptical that I'd find something that I liked better.  Add in that I was worried about the tugging required across the delicate eye area, and this Makeup Eraser sure did have a lot to prove for me!  

Now, I know I sound like I'm setting up for a complete rave about a product that I never thought would work - but it's more complicated than that.  

For reference, here's the type of look I was working with. at the end of a long day  Nothing too heavy: tinted moisturizer, light liner, mascara, and brows.
I tried it a few times to remove an entire face of makeup with only warm water and it did not work for me.  I don't even wear waterproof eye makeup!  I didn't grab pictures of that attempt and while it wasn't a complete flop, I did have to rub pretty hard across my skin and I was still left with some residue around my eyes.  Not exactly converting me to fan here, M.E.  

So then I changed up my approach and found a way to make it work for me.  Usually I jump in the shower in the evenings with whatever makeup is still left from my day still in place.  Splashing hot water on my face while in the shower removes a good bit of the mascara, eyeliner, and face products and leaves me looking a little something like this: 

"Can you believe I'm putting this raccoon face on the internet?"
I started bringing out the Makeup Eraser after my shower and voila! It worked like a charm!  No need for soaps, cleansers, or oils, and I didn't need to apply heavy pressure to remove the remaining product.  But then that caused me to start thinking...couldn't a regular washcloth do the same?  So I put them head to head!  

Verdict? Apparently there is something going on inside this eraser that makes it different than a regular hand towel!  The Makeup Eraser was able to completely remove all of the makeup on my face, while the washcloth couldn't budge it.  So it does work under the right circumstances.  

But do you really need it?  

I'd still have to say no, if you already have a makeup removal method that you're happy with.  
The Makeup Eraser might be a good option for you if: 
  • You hate the idea of waste from disposable wipes/cloths. 
  • You always follow up your makeup removal with a cleanser and don't need your MU remover to do double duty. 
  • You often forget to repurchase refills of your MU removing products. 
  • You often wear a light to medium amount of makeup.
  • You travel often and just want one (TSA-friendly!) product that gets the job done.
Despite my initial skepticism about this towel, I have worked it into my regular nighttime makeup routine.  I pretty much do what I showed in those lovely pictures above, and follow that with a cleanser or toner to get my skin to truly feel clean.  On days where I have on heavier makeup, I'll go straight to my CVS facial cloths, but most days the eraser does the trick.  While the initial cost was pretty high, I like that I don't have to waste a wipe or cloth on a day that didn't have much makeup.  With the CVS wipes costing $5 per pack of 30, I should break even with the Makeup Eraser after a few months.  

Have you tried the Makeup Eraser?  How did it work for you?  


  1. Interesting. I got one and not problem at all? It took my make up off with no problem what so ever? Did you wash it first?

  2. Interesting. I got one and not problem at all? It took my make up off with no problem what so ever? Did you wash it first?

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