January Stitch Fix Order

It's been a while since I've shared my Stitch Fix orders, and I received my first one of 2016 last week. I've had mixed success in my past orders, some where I kept everything, and some where I've kept nothing. Let's get into this one!

Mackie Studded Neckline Blouse- $58- Returned
This item was my favorite out of the whole Fix, but it wasn't anything spectacular. It was a little plain and somewhat sheer. It also was more of a peplum, that isn't very visible in this picture because I tucked it in. It seemed like this shirt had a hard time finding an identity and what I'd wear it with, so I returned it.

Anastagio Lace Cross Back Knit Top- $58- Returned
I haven't ventured into the back-styled shirts, and this baggy option did not open me to this at all. Plus it was an ill fitting cotton shirt that was just far to expensive for what it was.

Bradi Open Drape Cardigan- $68- Returned
As I was unwrapping my package, I could tell this was not going to be something I wanted. I have specifically stated that I don't like open jackets/cardigans. In my comments, my stylist noted that she knew I didn't like these kind of items, but put it anyway, which I find a little confusing. On top of that, it was just a huge item that I would never wear.

Christiana Pencil Skirt- $78- Returned
I do love pencil skirts, and they are mostly what I wear to work, but this one just didn't work. It was too tight for me to be comfortable wearing heels at work with.  I've had this same issue with their skirts in the past, and have had to return them. It was also a light polka dot pattern that I wasn't in love with.

Audrina Bar Lariat Necklace- $78- Returned
This necklace was very cute, but is similar to something that I have received and kept from another fix. I think I need to specify that I have enough long gold necklaces, because that's been my jewelry item every Fix. Though this was pretty, it was also quite expensive compared to what I would normally spend on jewelry.

I have to say, I don't feel very satisfied with this Fix. It seems like a lot of random items were thrown together for me, without any real thought into my style, preferences, or requests. 

Even when you don't keep any items, there's still a $20 styling fee charged to you, so if I'm not satisfied with my next Fix (coming in March), I think I'll consider canceling. I just don't feel like my comments are being heard about prices of items and my style.

I wish I had better results from this order to share with you all! Tell me, have you used Stitch Fix or another similar company? Have any of you had the same issues as me? 


  1. What a bummer! At least you got to try some new stuff and new that it wasn't for you. How does stitch fix work? Does it come every month? Too bad about the styling fee, though... Perhaps next time there will be more items that you like :)


    1. Hey Amber! You fill out a 'style profile' and they send you 5 items (4 clothing, 1 accessory) based off your style. You can schedule them however far apart you want, so I've got them every 1 1/2 months. Hopefully next time will be good, I'll let you know!